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"Hey Lady[s and gentlemen], Hey Lady is my fave b-52s tribute band. Steve does a great job singing in my style. So refreshing to hear a good tribute rather than listen to someone who thinks they sound like me, but really just sound obnoxious with a sinus problem! go Hey, Lady!"
Fred Schneider - The B-52s

"The High Note Thursdays with live music in Winter Park are traditionally well attended and well liked, but when Hey, Lady! stepped on the stage, the crowd had a little extra cheer that day. Hey, Lady! performed with great enthusiasm and energy for several hundred people in the Rocky Mountains and the dancing and singing in front of the stage reflected that. Hey Lady! stays highly recommended!"
Tamara Davis, Special Events Director Winter Park & Fraser Chamber, Winter Park, CO

"Hey, Lady! was professional to work with from a booking standpoint and in person at the show. They did just what our event was hoping for – got the crowd engaged and up on their feet having a good time! We’d for sure book them again.”"
Emily Emily Salberg, Event Director Team Player Productions, Ft. Collins, CO

"This is a kick ass B52s cover band that made me fall in love with the B52s all over again."
Adam DeGraf, Former Owner of the D Note, Arvada, CO

"Hey Lady! brought unmatched energy to our event and had the attendees on their feet and dancing in no time. Their spot-on covers had us singing along and would make the B-52’s themselves proud. We’ll definitely ask them to spark our next gathering!"
The Dave Arguijo Foundation

"Your band was most impressive, lots of fun, and had us out of our chairs."
Scott Sullivan - Rhythm on the River attendee

“Gave an energy packed performance with terrific sound. They were professional and a pleasure to work with, and they even specialized (the) lyrics to coincide with our event.”
Bobby Roetzel, Regional Operators Association Chairman – McDonald’s